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Dear femslash exchange writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am sorry for the delay in getting my letter up and if you want to disregard this letter entirely, feel free! I tried to make my sign up have enough information to guide you, in case I couldn’t get this up in a timely matter (real life hit me hard in the face, basically). So don’t feel too obligated to follow everything to a letter, this is just if you want direction or ideas or haven’t started yet. My letters are usually fairly long, as I rather throw out too many ideas than not enough, but don’t feel intimated! I just want one of these ideas or prompts to spark your creative juices but if you get an idea that doesn’t totally fit with what I prompted, or isn’t something I asked for but doesn’t hit any DNW and/or fits with some of my likes? Go for it!

If you’re wondering why my journal is so bare, it’s because I’m mainly on tumblr, where you can usually find me reblogging stuff to procrastinate, as well as get a general sense of what I’m into. I’ve also mostly used LJ in the past, though I am trying to use my DW more now.

Warning: This letter will contain spoilers for all fandoms involved! The only order these fandoms are in are the order in which I found them in the tag set, so there’s no real hierarchy here.


+ I am a multishipper at heart and I love poly fic if any of the prompts call for it. I generally love gen but I really want explicit shippiness for my prompts. I don’t need filth or porn, but I just want something that’s unmistakably shippy, rather than gen that’s femslashy if you squint.

+ Backstory fic, missing scenes, future fic, snapshots and vignettes. I love pre-series or pre-canon fic and post canon “what now?” fic. I love things that slide into canon, moments that could fit into the canon but weren’t seen on screen. I love learning about characters. I love learning how people met and came together, be it slowly falling in love or casual sex or hate sex that grows into something more. I don’t need romance, exactly. I love romance but I also love deep, important connections that are meaningful and not entirely platonic.

+ Reunions. A strong sense of history between characters. A feeling of being “lived in” if that makes any sense. Comfort and familiarity around one another.

+ Power imbalances and dynamics. Codependency. Dysfunctional people who love each other. Dysfunctional people who are trying to love one another and failing at it. People doing awful things for the other. “Us against the world dynamics.” People who love each other so much they destroy everything around them. Or themselves. Love/hate relationships. I love messy relationships. I love unhealthy relationships. I love healthy relationships where people learn to be good to one another, learning how to love one another, when they’re not really used to being in a healthy relationship.

+ Awkward wooing. Awkward first times. Fumbling first times, both sexual first times, or any other first time. Pining for each other.

+ Happy endings, bittersweet endings, downer endings. I’m pretty happy with all of them, as long as it works for the story. I don’t want to read a happy domestic fic with sudden swerve into death fic, but if something is generally melancholy to begin with, as some of my fandoms are? Go ahead with the downer ending. Write the ending that’s right for the story you’re telling.

+ Hurt/comfort--oh, gosh do I love hurt/comfort. Whether one character is sick and the other is taking care of them and nursing them back to health, to more serious injuries or assisting with a recovery from an injury or something else, to helping each other cope with PTSD or loss, helping them day to day. People taking care of someone in practical ways to show love.

+ People learning to share space together. People “learning” to be together. Or people who are so used to each other they take up each other’s space, fall into step together easily.

+ Characters who aren’t sure how to “people” properly. Characters who aren’t good at being “human.” Inhumanity, especially when love is demonstrated or expressed differently, but still love.

By the same token, I love monsters. Monstrous people and actual non humans. People doing monstrous things and monsters trying to be better.

+ Travel and roadtrip stories, a strong sense of place. Honestly if you write me a roadtrip story, whoever the characters are, I’ll be happy, because I love love roadtrips that much.

+ Slow burns. UST. I will read thousands and thousands of words of people just getting together. Or thousands and thousands of words of people reconnecting again. Getting back together. Learning to love each other again. Just long, slow burn of two people coming together, either for the first time or again.

+ Awful people being tender to each other. Terrible people who don’t know how to love, or trying very hard to be good to each other (with some or no success).

+ “What if” AUs, “turn left’ AU, “what if that terrible thing never happened?” AU. Canon divergence AUs, basically.

And in terms of just general things I enjoy in fic: Characters coping well, or coping badly, with trauma. Exploration of trauma. Creepy shit. Epistolary fic or playing around with format. Unreliable narrators. Fairytale vibes. Domesticity, if it suits the characters. Protectiveness (and overprotectiveness). Irrational ugly emotions, like jealousy or resentment. Claustrophobic and isolation stories, be it physical or emotional isolation. Reluctantly working together. Reluctant friends. Trust and devotion. Intimacy.

+ Porn/kink specific likes: Physicality. Exploration of sexuality. Hands, grabbing on tight, nails digging in or scratching. Blood, bloodkink, bloodplay (go wild with vampire characters honestly), any kind of biting. Guns and gun kink. Knife play. Rough sex, public sex, wall sex. Sex in weird places. Bruises and marking, physical signs of someone else on the body. Scar kink. Scent kink. First times. Inexperience. Showing someone what’s hot for them and what they like in bed. Fingering, fingering someone in inappropriate places. Cunnilingus. Bodyworship and breastplay. Mutual mastrubation. Messy sex. Making someone come without touching them (or only touching their nipples). Sex with clothes on. Sensory overload, overstimulation. Competency kink. Trust kink. Trust in general. Light bondage (ropes and handcuffs and blindfolds, mainly). Breathplay is always a win. Praise kink. Dirty talk.

D I S L I K E S:

+ I don’t like radical AUs (unless specified), like coffeeshop AU or college AUs. I have nothing really against them, I’d read them in other circumstances, but I prefer to read about characters in the canon setting for this exchange.

+ Crossovers or fusions. I’m not really against them, I’ll read them in other situations, but for this exchange, I don’t want any crossover or fusion fic unless I specifically ask for it.

+ I prefer not to read about abuse but I understand it’s inclusion if it’s part of a character’s backstory. I like reading about the aftereffects of abuse, of trauma, both recovery and just how that abuse/trauma affects the individual, but not the actual traumatic events in detail.

+ No deathfic unless the characters die or have died in canon, or a villain is being killed. I’m okay with it in terms of, for example, The Bride killing O-Ren (or the other way around), or referring to the major character deaths that occur in canon and exploring those after effects, but otherwise, I’d rather not read it. I don’t consider it deathfic if someone dies and then comes back in the same fic.

+ Miscommunication as a plot point. Torture or anything further than canon typical violence. Cheating/infidelity. Character bashing (if you really can’t stand a character or a ship, I’d prefer you shunt them off to the side or pretend they don’t exist entirely).

My squicks are: parental or cross-gen incest (sibling or cousin incest is totally okay), bestiality, a/b/o, watersports, scat or most hardcore kinks, humiliation (sexual or otherwise), or disrespect canon past love interests--to explain, I don’t want to read Darling suddenly hating Buddy, or Kisa hating Richard, to make my ships happen.

+ Non-con is a trigger for me, so I’d rather avoid it unless it’s part of a character’s backstory (I’m okay with dub-con though—either messy and fucked up stuff with one character taking advantage of the other, or “we all got drunk and had sex together, whoops”).


The Hunger Games
Annie Cresta/Johanna Mason

I’ve loved this ship for a long, long time. For this, I really want post series fic, with Johanna and Annie coming together after Finnick’s death and the war is over. Maybe Johanna not knowing where else to go, and ends up visiting and/or staying with Annie for reasons she can't explain to herself; maybe something slow burn for them, the two of them finding common ground together, Johanna helping Annie with her trauma, or the other way around.

Annie/Johanna isn’t something I really considered until I read some fic for them awhile back and fell head over heels in love with this ship. All I really want is MORE of them--I’d love something with Johanna getting to really know Annie and slowly falls for her against her better judgement. Some prompts I’d be into are:

+ I’d love some post book fic, however way you wanna tackle that scenario, either them meeting up again years down the line or set immediately after the war but before the epilogue, with Johanna not knowing where to go after the war is over and finding herself staying with Annie, looking for some kind of safe harbor. I’d love something where Johanna feels like maybe she owes Finnick to help take care of his mentally fragile wife, and ends up genuinely falling for Annie.

+ The trauma these two share and the very different ways they express it and it manifests is one of the main things that interests me. I’ve always read Annie as not entirely as fragile as she comes off, mainly due to the limitations of Katniss’s pov--severely traumatized, yes but not a totally broken bird. I’d love to read Johanna getting to know her and going past her preconceptions of her, and both of them helping each other heal together--heal past the games but also past Finnick’s death, and adjusting to the changing world now.

+ I loooove Annie so so muchs so I’d love anything with her and her pov. I don’t ship Johanna/Finnick at all so I’d prefer there to be no mention of that but I’d love her maybe getting a crush on Johanna or alternatively, being as confused by their relationship as Johanna is confused by Annie/Finnick’s relationship.
+ If you don’t want to write anything post series, I’d be interested in anything set pre-series, with Annie and Johanna getting to know each other. Maybe focusing on their past interactions or what their relationship is like, or maybe an AU where Annie and Johanna latch on to each other

+ I love Finnick and Finnick/Annie a lot and see him as this sort of shadow cast across these two so I would prefer no infidelity or disrespect to the Annie/Finnick relationship itself but I would be happy with an open relationship or an AU where Finnick/Annie just never happened or Finnick died before they could really get together.

The Vampire Diaries & Related Fandoms
Katherine/Elena & Camille/Hayley

Elena/Katherine: My forever OTP, long after I’ve stopped watching the show. I love so many possible scenarios for them--something nasty and vicious set during Elena’s no humanity period? AU where they’re the last ones standing in Mystic Falls and stuck together? Human Elena taking off with Katherine because she’s the only one who understands her? I’d love angry or hatesex, but also slow burn developing complicated feelings for one another.

I quit watching in mid s5, so I’d prefer no fic set after in the later seasons, or something fully canon divergent.

Hayley/Camille: The lack of vampire!Camille in s3 is so SAD. All I want is something exploring the dynamic, either Hayley teaching Camille how to fight or stuff with Camille using her psychology skills to poke and get under Hayley’s skin. Or alternatively, I love the moment where Hayley feeds off Camille and Camille mentions her vampire loving goth phase in high school, so exploring that would be fun. Hell, I’d totally be into something with high school era Camille meeting on the run, high school era werewolf Hayley.

Oh man at the point of me writing this, I’ve stopped watching both shows (TVD I quit at s5 because I just hated the direction the show was going in, and The Originals, I just haven’t gotten a chance to catch up to season 4 and I’ve been reluctant to due to Camille’s death), so I’m not really interested in fic set past those seasons but otherwise, go nuts? I love both of these ships. Katherine/Elena is sort of my OTP of the whole series as a whole and Hayley/Camille is a dynamic that was really into but they really just teased it in the show and never fully got to delve into that relationship, at least, not as much as I would like. There’s so much potential.
Here are some prompts:

+ I’m really into Elena’s no humanity period and I’d love something with her and Katherine set during that time period. I’d love an AU where instead of flipping her switch back to “humanity,” Elena and Katherine take off together and wreck havoc, together or against each other or both. They both still really hate each other at this point, so I’d be totally down for angry hatesex and begrudingly tolerating one another. I love the thought of Elena trying to rebuild her new life by modeling herself after Katherine but trying to be better than her at the same time.

+ I’ve always wanted some kind of bittersweet, last ones standing thing for them--future fic where everyone else has died and it’s just the two of them left out of the Mystic Fall crew, maybe with Elena staying with Katherine because she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

+ I’m fascinated by the doppleganger mythos and how that affects them both and their perception of each other, Katherine’s weird jealous of Elena and how Elena doesn’t really “own” her own face and body. I’d love anything exploring that between them, how alike and not alike and how neither of them own their lives and the different ways they try to reclaim their own lives.

+ I’d love for an AU where Katherine turns Elena into a vampire when Katherine offers to in season 2--or any other scenario where Katherine turns Elena, go wild--and how that dynamic changes then.

+ As for Hayley/Camille, I’ve been interested in their dynamic since s2--that line where Camille mentions being into vampires in high school after Hayley feeds off in season two--I would love more of that--either sexy feeding stuff or Camille having a crush on Hayley because of that incident--be smutty as you want, bloodplay is one of my fave things.

+ God, I would love for a fix it fic set post s3 where Camille doesn’t die and she and Hayley take off together--to free Klaus and the others, but get their bearings and raise baby Hope together while they do that as well, and end up clinging to one another for comfort.

+ I love their training scenes in S3, and Hayley wanting Camille to buy her a beer, and then giving her a case of beer with the promise of sharing them together next time. I want more of that--either the sparring and training or actual sharing a beer on a not date together.

+ I’d be way into an AU where Camille is still in high school and runs into teenage werewolf run away Hayley and Camille can’t resist getting to know her and figuring her out. That would be awesome and I almost don’t want to say more about what I want in that scenario because I really just want you to take the premise and run with it and have fun with it, but it hits my weird tropey high school supernatural romance desires.

Baby Driver (2017)

I’d love an AU where it’s Buddy who dies instead. Maybe Darling gets revenge on Baby but has no need or desire to hurt Debora? Maybe she decides she likes Debora and/or overidentifies with her? Or maybe where everyone else dies in the shootout and Darling and Debora end up running off together? Maybe Darling takes Debora under her criminal wing, or maybe both of them are sad and angry and hardened over the loss of their significant others and that draws them together.
Alternative, I’d love an AU of the movie where Debora is the titular Baby Driver, and Darling takes an interest in her. I really hardcore ship Buddy/Darling, so I prefer no infidelity--maybe they have an open relationship or if you wanna go the threesome route, that’s totally fine by me.

I’m not sure what more to add to this, I think what I wrote in the optional details covers what I want for this ship. I really enjoyed this movie and Darling was the highlight of it for me, and I loved Lily James in this movie but didn’t think they did enough with Debora to develop her, so I would love MORE Darling and more of Debora and who she is and her backstory. I love the thought of her turning into a criminal as well. If you have another idea that I haven’t thought of and/or didn’t prompt, GO FOR IT, just as long as it doesn’t hit my DNWs.

O-Ren Ishii/Gogo Yubari
Sofie Fatale/O-Ren Ishii
Sofie Fatale/O-Ren Ishii/Gogo Yubari
O-Ren Ishii/Beatrix Kiddo

I LOVE O-Ren’s squad of badass evil ladies so any permutation of Sofie/O-Ren/Gogo would MAKE ME SO HAPPY. I want O-Ren/Sofie/Gogo doing decadent, criminal leaders of the Yazuka things and getting drunk on power and having threesomes. I want O-Ren/Gogo backstory and O-Ren courting Gogo to serve her and admiring her bloodlust and competency, or anything exploring that relationship. I want Sofie/O-Ren backstory and how they became close knit, anything with loyalty kink and Sofie as her right hand, snapshots of them working together--if you go the threesome route, I’d love to see Sofie freaked out and a little uncomfortable with Gogo while O-Ren adores her. Really, I want anything involving them, they were my fave parts of the first movie.

O-Ren Ishii/Beatrix Kiddo: I’m super intrigued by these two and I read a theory that the reason Beatrix kills her first is because she’s most attached to her out of her past squad. I’d love to read them training together in the past, developing their inside jokes, maybe having some sexual encounters they ignore, or having a kind of mutual friends with benefits relationship. I’d love the evolution and then dissolution of their relationship. I’d love exploring O-Ren’s feelings towards killing Beatrix--was she conflicted about it or was she angry with her as well?

Kill Bill is one of those movies I have complicated feelings about but I definitely watch over and over. I’m always super intrigued by the dynamics among the Yakuza in the first film, and consequently, the whole dynamic between O-Ren and Beatrix. I love violent people being tender to one another, or violent people having genuine deep loving relationships together. But I love also love hatesex and those same violent people clashing. This fandom is so tiny so honestly any fic you write with any of these pairings would make me so so happy, but if you want more prompts to work with, I would like:

+ I’d love to explore the Sofie/O-Ren dynamic, I am so into their Boss/Right Hand vibe and how Sofie’s always been around even in flashbacks. Maybe slow burn falling in love fic (I love terrible love stories between terrible love people), or their relationship. If you wanna write post movie fic from Sophie’s pov of in the aftermath, maybe trying to get revenge herself, I think that would be really interesting.

+ God, I would love the ins and outs of running the Yakuza together, all three of them. Just weirdly domestic stuff but with murder and internal politics and O-ren having Gogo kill people for them.

+ I’d love anything exploring how Gogo came to work with O-ren. Did O-ren go recruit her somewhere? Was she already working with the Yakuza or did O-ren pluck out of schoolgirl life? Did Gogo seek her out and offer her services? Did O-ren do something for Gogo to earn her loyalty? I live for all the backstory. I would especially love something with O-ren watching Gogo kill people for her, enjoying it or maybe getting off on it some level. Maybe it leads to smut.

+ Filthy threesome smut with O-ren/Sophie/Gogo. Go for it.

+ Regarding O-ren/Beatrix, I’d love to see backstory with them. How they came to meet and work together for Bill, at what point did O-Ren trust Beatrix enough to reveal her backstory to her? She’s the only one of the DiVAS that gets a detailed, sympathetic backstory from Beatrix. I’d love something simple, them sparing together or cleaning each other up after a fight, or maybe exploring O-ren’s feelings on supposedly killing Beatrix at the massacre at twin pines, or just something slow burn as their relationship develops and ends. Bring up in the messiness.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
Ximena Vasconcelos/Venganza Verdugo
Manola Jimenez/Santanico Pandemonium
Paloma Gutierrez/Santanico Pandemonium


I always feel so robbed about these two--the fact that we didn’t see them interact for very long but they have such a rich history together is just unfair. I’d love anything exploring their past and their Lord/Right Hand dynamic--snapshots throughout the centuries as Ximena enforces Venganza’s rules and controls her territory, or maybe something exploring how Ximena helped free Venganza from slavery and helped her kill Amaru, AU where neither of them die and have to deal with the wreckage of season 3, Ximena confronting Venganza in the prison for abandoning her, or something smutty with Ximena providing Venganza with comfort.


Everything! How did they meet? I want to more about Manola “giving herself” to Kisa to feed. How did their relationship grow? Did Manola pursue her? Was Kisa reluctant? Did they start the fight club together? How did Manola come to be her sort of right hand and shoving off dudes who get too close to Kisa? AUs where Manola doesn’t die would also make me very happy! I’d love for Manola and Kisa to take off together at the end of 3x02 instead for one.


I loved this creepy fucked up dynamic so much. I love anything exploring the captor/hostage dynamic and the stockholm syndrome vibes, Paloma trying to manipulate Kisa into escaping, Paloma succeeding in convincing Kisa to turn her into a culebra instead of Malvado, Kisa mentoring Paloma in how to be a vampire and taking her under her wing to apologize. I even love that she turned against her in the end, though I hate that she did it in Malvado’s name--if you go with a scenario like that, I’d rather be over it Paloma’s anger over what Kisa did to her, and I’d love an AU where Paloma doesn’t die and she’s this almost ghost haunting Kisa throughout the years to remind her of what she’s done.

AHHH THERE’S SO MUCH. I love, love this show, there’s so much unexplored potential between these ships and I honestly wanted to request every femmeslash pairing in this tag set but I wanted to limit myself to something a bit more manageable but I loooove all these ships and anything you write for me would be amazing and make my day.

I honestly can’t think of any new prompts that I didn’t already do,but if you have other ideas then go for it! The only thing I don’t want is sad fic about death for these ships. I don’t want to read about Venganza mourning Ximena or Kisa mourning Paloma or Manola. I want fic where all these women are alive, even if not necessarily in good places. I also don’t want to read noncon but Kisa/Paloma dubcon is okay for me (given the creepy dubcon stockholm ship it is), and I am okay with fic that brings up or explores the aftereffects of their trauma--be it Kisa’s rape trauma or Venganza’s time as a slave, or Paloma’s trauma from being kidnapped and used as bait. Otherwise, write whatever you’re inspired to write.

Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena/Lao Ma

I’ve shipped this since I was a little girl tbh. This dynamic has always been fascinating and compelling to me. I love Xena/Gabrielle as much as the next person but I would really love AUs where Xena stays with Lao Ma, and becomes sort of her right hand/bodyguard--her excitement when she says “I could serve you?” always filled my thoughts with such possibilities. I’d also love anything exploring their time together, when Xena is at her mercy in a sense and dependent on her to walk and heal and recover, or the way Xena seems to genuinely fall in love with her (that part where they embrace after floating in the air together!).

I was so overjoyed to see not only this fandom but this ship in the tagset. Never did I think anyone else would nominate this or there’d be interest besides me. If you’re writing Xena/Lao Ma, I’m eternally grateful, tiny little ship of my heart

+ To expand, I would love an au where Xena never leaves Lao Ma and stays as her bodyguard, serving her, or helping her run the kingdom like Lao Ma wanted. Maybe Borias just never comes for her or maybe the whole fight with Ming Tzu turns out differently. It’s kind of a happy au for me, for these two to stay together and how their relationship grows if Xena could keep it together.

+ Or really, just any kind of missing scene fic from their time together would make me so happy. Maybe expending more on the sensuality in their scenes, the underwater kiss and the dancing, or more with Lao Ma trying to teach Xena how to be at peace, how to serve people she hates, how to use her powers. I really love their dynamic, to see Xena who we generally perceive as a leader, not just at Lao Ma’s mercy but grateful to her and adoring her and admiring her and being in her debt and basically making puppy-dog eyes at her. And honestly, more bath scenes would be great.

+ If you wanna go full AU, I’d love fic where Lao Ma doesn't die at all and she and Xena meet again, post Xena’s redemption and becoming a hero.

That’s it! I hope that’s not too overwhelming. I trust you’re mainly focusing on the section that you matched one but I encourage to try to seek out some of my other canons, if you think you could be into them, just because...I want to share these canons with other people :D Thank you SO MUCH for writing for me, I wish you the best of luck but I’m sure you’ll write something cool because I’m just really excited that I’m gonna get one of my rarepairs as a fic!


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