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Dear Rare Male Slash Writer

Dear rareslash exchange writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I apologize for the completely bare sign up which must have been scary. I was a last minute sign up (it took me so long to figure out what I wanted to prompt), and I didn’t get my request details in time in the actual sign up, but this letter should have enough detail for you! My letters are usually fairly long, as I rather throw out too many ideas than not enough. I just want these to spark your creative juices but if you get an idea that doesn’t totally fit with what I prompted, or isn’t something I asked for but doesn’t hit any DNW or fits with some of my likes? Go for it!

If you’re wondering why my journal is so bare, it’s because I’m mainly on tumblr, where you can usually find me reblogging stuff to procrastinate, as well as get a general sense of what I’m into. I’ve also mostly used LJ in the past, though I am trying to use my DW more now.

Warning: This letter will contain spoilers for all fandoms involved!


+ I am a multishipper at heart and I love poly fic if any of the prompts call for it. I generally love gen but I really want explicit shippiness for my prompts. I don’t need filth or porn, but I just want something that’s unmistakably shippy, rather than gen that’s slashy if you squint.

+ Backstory fic, missing scenes, future fic, snapshots and vignettes. I love pre-series or pre-canon fic and post canon “what now?” fic. I love things that slide into canon, moments that could fit into the canon but weren’t seen on screen. I love learning about characters. I love learning how people met and came together, be it slowly falling in love or casual sex or hate sex that grows into something more. I don’t need romance, exactly. I love romance but I also love deep, important connections that are meaningful and not entirely platonic.

+ Reunions. A strong sense of history between characters. A feeling of being “lived in” if that makes any sense. Comfort and familiarity around one another.

+ Power imbalances and dynamics. Codependency. Dysfunctional people who love each other. Dysfunctional people who are trying to love one another and failing at it. People doing awful things for the other. “Us against the world dynamics.” People who love each other so much they destroy everything around them. Or themselves. Love/hate relationships. I love messy relationships. I love unhealthy relationships. I love healthy relationships too but I know a lot of my prompts are between terrible and/or messy people, so feel free to just revel in how messy a dynamic is--that’s always good for me.

+ Awkward wooing. Awkward first times. Fumbling first times, both sexual first times, or any other first time. Pining for each other.

+ Happy endings, bittersweet endings, downer endings. I’m pretty happy with all of them, as long as it works for the story. I don’t want to read a happy domestic fic with sudden swerve into death fic, but if something is generally melancholy to begin with, as a lot of my fandoms are? Go ahead with the downer ending. Write the ending that’s right.

+ Hurt/comfort--oh, gosh do I love hurt/comfort. Whether one character is sick and the other is taking care of them and nursing them back to health, to more serious injuries or assisting with a drug recovery, to helping each other cope with PTSD or loss, helping them day to day. People taking care of someone in practical ways to show love.

+ People learning to share space together. People “learning” to be together. Or people who are so used to each other they take up each other’s space, fall into step together easily.

+ Characters who aren’t sure how to “people” properly. Characters who aren’t good at being “human.” Inhumanity, especially when love is demonstrated or expressed differently, but still love.

By the same token, I love monsters. Monstrous people and actual non humans. People doing monstrous things and monsters trying to be better.

+ Travel and roadtrip stories, a strong sense of place. Honestly if you write me a roadtrip story, whoever the characters are, I’ll be happy, because I love love roadtrips that much.

+ Slow burns. UST. I will read thousands and thousands of words of people just getting together. Or thousands and thousands of words of people reconnecting again. Getting back together. Learning to love each other again. Just long, slow burn of two people coming together, either for the first time or again.

+ Awful people being tender to each other. Terrible people who don’t know how to love, or trying very hard to be good to each other (with some or no success).

+ “What if” AUs, “turn left’ AU, “what if that terrible thing never happened?” AU. Canon divergence AUs, basically.

And in terms of just general things I enjoy in fic: Characters coping well, or coping badly, with trauma. Exploration of trauma. Creepy shit. Epistolary fic or playing around with format. Unreliable narrators. Fairytale vibes. Domesticity, if it suits the characters. Protectiveness (and overprotectiveness). Irrational ugly emotions, like jealousy or resentment. Claustrophobic and isolation stories, be it physical or emotional isolation. Reluctantly working together. Reluctant friends. Trust and devotion. Intimacy.

+ Porn/kink specific likes: Physicality. Exploration of sexuality. Hands, grabbing on tight, nails digging in. Blood, bloodkink, bloodplay (go wild with vampire characters honestly), any kind of biting. Guns and gun kink. Knife play. Rough sex, public sex, wall sex. Sex in weird places. Bruises and marking, physical signs of someone else on the body. Scar kink. Scent kink. Come play. First times. Inexperience. Showing someone what’s hot for them and what they like in bed. Blowjobs. Mutual mastrubation, hand jobs, fingering, frottage, rimming, intercurral. Messy sex. Making someone come without touching their dick. Coming in your pants. Sensory overload, overstimulation. Competency kink. Trust kink. Trust in general. Double penetration. Body worship. Light bondage (ropes and handcuffs and blindfolds, mainly). Switching (I prefer no solid top/bottom roles). Breathplay is always a win. Praise kink. Dirty talk.

D I S L I K E S:

+ I don’t like radical AUs (unless specified), like coffeeshop AU or college AUs. I have nothing really against them, but I prefer to read about characters in the canon setting.

+ Crossovers or fusions. I’m not really against them, I’ll read them in other situations, but for this exchange, I don’t want any crossover or fusion fic unless I specifically ask for it.

+ I prefer not to read about abuse but I understand it’s inclusion if it’s part of a character’s backstory. I like reading about the aftereffects of abuse, of trauma, but not the actual traumatic events in detail.

+ No deathfic unless the characters die or have died in canon, or a villain is being killed. I’m okay with it in terms of, for example, Walter kills David 8 to stop him from hurting others, or referring to the major character deaths that occur in canon and exploring those after effects, but otherwise, I’d rather not read it. I don’t consider it deathfic if someone dies and then comes back in the same fic.

+ Miscommunication as a plot point. Torture or anything further than canon typical violence. Cheating/infidelity. Character bashing (if you really can’t stand a character or a ship, I’d prefer you shunt them off to the side or pretend they don’t exist entirely).

My squicks are: parental or cross-gen incest (sibling or cousin incest is totally okay), bestiality, a/b/o, watersports, scat or most hardcore kinks, humiliation (sexual or otherwise), pregnancy, and rigid top/bottom roles (I prefer switching! But if you have a top/bottom preference for certain characters, that’s okay, I just rather it implied in the fic that’s not all they do).

+ Non-con is a trigger for me, so I’d rather avoid it unless it’s part of a character’s backstory (I’m okay with dub-con though—either messy and fucked up stuff with one character taking advantage of the other, or “we all got drunk and had sex together, whoops”).


The Accountant
Braxton/Christian Wolff

I knew I would like this movie, but when they revealed Braxton was Christian’s brother, it became one of my faves. They took my favorite kind of action tropes and threw in brother angst and drama straight from my id. Braxton’s face as he realizes the accountant killing off his men is HIS BROTHER just about kills me, and the way he stops trying to serve his client and just focuses on his brother from then on out is one of my favorite parts.

I would like:

+ Post movie fic--I always felt so cheated that we never got to see Braxton and Christian meet up again. I wanted to see Christian at least find Braxton waiting in some coffeeshop that he tracked him down to, or fic about them reestablishing their bond and relationship. Do they start working together? Do they conflict and fight over their methods? Do their morals line up? Or maybe just fic with Christian having to crash and stay with Braxton for a while, and them getting used to each other and being in each other’s lives again.

+ Pre-series--I see the incest as something that developed when they were young, so anything exploring the development of that would be awesome--how old were they when they started developing feelings for one another, who initiated it, how did it develop? Did any of them feel guilty or shame for it, or did they not care? Honestly, anything exploring the claustrophobic, isolated way they grew up under their father and how that fueled their relationship would be awesome.

+ I'm fascinated by them being trained to fight for each other, with Braxton running to back up his brother in fights with bullies at his father’s behest. I’d love to see more of that, Braxton defending and being protective of his brother, even though Christian learns to take care of himself. I’d love stuff with young or teen Braxton helping Christian with his autism, either speaking for him or helping him verbalize feelings he struggles with, helping with his routines or violently defending him from others.

+ Christian implies that he's always known where Braxton was but stayed away from his safety. I'd love to see him stalking/keeping tabs on his brother throughout the years and how far that goes. I love to see more of the quiet but steadfast way Christian loves Braxton and how he thinks staying away is ultimately better for him.

Alien Series
David 8/Walter

ROBOTS WITH FEEEEEEEELINGS is one of my favorite things of all time. The dynamic between David 8 and the newer, improved version of him, “Walter” was one of my favorite parts of this movie. The scene when David 8 kisses him--rarely do I ever get what I want like that, even if it ended badly in the film. I'm fascinated by how different David and Walter are, the weird brotherly/paternal way David views Walter, as well as the idea that Walter is a "superior" model to David, because they removed the bits that make him more human-like--it’s really interesting to me, given that David considers himself superior to humans, but is rather human himself in ways Walter rejects. I'd love anything exploring that, the manufactured familial ties, the element of competition between them, what “humanity” and “emotions” mean to both of them, what David’s unnerving humanity means in the face of technological evolution, how his superiority complex clashes against Walter’s own programing.

But also just. Robot selfcest!!! I don’t need a happy ending here, go as dark as you want!

I would like:

+ I’d love to see anything with Walter learning that he’s capable of more than he was made for, maybe expanding on the scene where David challenges the idea that he can’t love. Essentially, I’m asking for more of ~David shows Walter about his emotions and that he’s not a perfect robot either~

+ The flute scene. We all know what that evoked. I'd love anything that takes that a little further than what we got in the movie. Either more of David gently and tenderly teaching Walter how to create. Or blowjobs (or whatever sex act you want, I just immediately thought blowjobs at that scene). ,

+ "No one will love you like I do." My favorite line. I just want further exploration of this. I want David 8 to try to seduce Walter onto his side harder! I always feel he’s being sincere with that line, and I’d love to explore the ramifications of it, with maybe Walter learning that humans disappoint him as well or don’t value him like other humans, don’t value him like David 8 may value him, and not sure what to do with these feelings that he isn’t supposed to have.

+ I am all for an AU where David does manage to convince Walter to join him. I'd love to read how that happens, whether he succeeds in convincing him humans are trash or Walter agrees to help him to spare Daniels, or maybe Walter only pretending to join him to destroy him. Robots lying to each other is fascinating. Walter being convinced or Walter playing some kind of long con on David are both good though! I love struggle and conflict and David being DISAPPOINTED in his robot brother but I also would love them working together for real.

Dead Ringers
Elliot Mantle/Beverly Mantle

+ Everything about this movie is right up my alley. David Cronenberg as a director, especially in the 70s and 80s, has a way in tapping into what exactly I love about horror--body horror, mind screws, madness, and weird philosophical underpinnings about humanity and inhumanity This is by far my favorite film by Cronenberg, with the creepy twins who share everything from a medical practice to women to experiences, and the push-pull that emerges throughout the film, the creepy identity issues between them, the role reversals, the fucked up nightmares with Claire biting down on an umbilical cord that keeps them together--I’m into it all. I really loved especially when Beverly calls Claire and Claire asks “who is this?” And that’s when he makes the decision to die with his brother. Because who is he without his twin?

I would like:

+ I’m intrigued by their past and their childhood and growing up together, the creepy way they share everything, the creepy way they're alienated from society (that childhood flashback in the beginning rings to mind) and just their own entity unto themselves. How did their scary codependence manifest as teenagers? How often has Elliot being having sex with women then passing them onto Beverly without telling her? I’d love anything exploring the way Elliot shares his experiences with Beverly but doesn’t want him to experience things before him as well, how possessive they can be with one another, and how their relationship would develop into something sexual--is it something that happened as teenagers or later in their lives? Did they treat it clinically? Did Elliot ever try to have a threesome with Beverly before the film? Anything with creepy incest would make me so happy.

+ I don’t necessarily want fix it fic for this, I’m actually pretty happy with the ending and both of them dying--it feels just perfect, in a way, but I’d love to read more about the ways they take care of each other--I loved the parts of the movie when one brother was mentally and physically deteriorating and the other brother tries to help and put them back together. Maybe stretch out that end with the role reversal and Beverly having to take care of Elliott, before the decision to “separate the twins” occurs. Maybe he tries other methods to fix them first.

+ Given this is a horror film, I would really love a fic where there’s something supernatural or weird going on and at play between them. Are they for real soulbonded? I’d love to read a soulbond fic with these two when the soulbond is kinda terrible or creepy, either to them or to other people. Or maybe they’re monsters in some way. Maybe instead of dying in the end, they become something else, transcending the mortal flesh. If you wanna write an AU where they’re a specific kind of monster, like werewolves or vampires, or turn into something else entirely, I would be all over that.

+ Honestly, I’m into anything that explores the ways they blur into one person at times, how people think there's only one of them sometimes or can’t tell them apart all the time, the way Beverly and Elliot switched roles at the end of the film, all those creepy identity issues is A+

The Magnificent Seven
Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks
Sam Chisolm/Goodnight Robicheaux
Sam Chisolm/Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks
Joshua Faraday/Vasquez


+ ALL THE BACKSTORY. I feel like there’s more to Goodnight’s story about how he met Billy, like he fudged the truth a bit for the audience when explaining it, so I’d love to read an in depth look at how they met. I’d also love to know how Billy came to care for Goodnight so much, what evolved this partnership into something more. Slow burn fic of a growing relationship? Maybe lust at first sight growing into something more? Maybe Goodnight initially just wanting Billy around because he makes him good money and Billy agreeing because it’s a mutually beneficial partnership and that slowly evolving into real friendship and more? I’d take anything.

+ Goodnight says he first got interested watching Billy fight, I’d love to see more of that, maybe Goodnight being turned on and/or impressed by Billy’s skills and Billy being flirty. I’d love knife kink and knife play for this ship, adrenaline sex, or post fight sex, or just a fic with both of them fighting side by side and mutually impressed and into each other.

+ Alternatively, some of my favorite moments in the movie are Billy taking care of Goodnight and helping him with his PTSD--from covering for him about not being able to shoot, to sharing cigarettes and reassuring him there’s no one after him and he’s just hearing voices. I would loooove more h/c about that. Or alternatively, Goodnight helping Billy with his own share of trauma and bad dreams--where did Billy come from and why did he end up staying with an ex Confederate soldier and growing to care about him so much? I'd love something that explores his backstory, maybe he and Goodnight aren't so different and both have their own issues to deal with? In general, I love hurt/comfort and I love partners taking care of each other and I love anything playing on how much Goodnight relies and needs Billy, to the point where he refuses to go anywhere without him.


+ I really want backstory here too--anything exploring their past together. There’s such an intimacy there between them and they talk like people who’ve known each other for a very long time, with Goodnight having pieces of Sam no one else ever gets to see, with Goodnight actually knowing his past and family trauma--how did that happen? Did Goodnight met Sam when he was still raw and very angry? And a black man and a confederate soldier becoming friends, good friends, is such an amazing story--I’m curious how they met, why they’re so close, and if Sam disliked him or hated him at first--I’d love to read about Goodnight earning Sam’s respect, maybe saving each other’s lives?

+ In terms of shipping, I imagine a friends with benefits situation, rather than a couple, people who fooled around a few times and/or took emotional and physical comfort in one another--but write whatever works for you, I don’t have strong headcanons here, I’m interested in the story you want to tell about them. I’d also would love something set during the film itself, either a stolen a kiss or some fleeting touches, maybe them reminiscing together and getting intoxicated.


+ Ngl, I don’t have terribly deep thoughts with these three. My dream here is having some kind of “we might die tomorrow so might as well have sex” threesome, between Goodnight’s old friend (and possible ex/former fuck buddy) and Goodnight’s new boyfriend. Any way you wanna get these three together though, I’d be excited for--be it set in canon, an AU where Billy and Goodnight survive, post film, running around saving more towns together, or some slow burn starting pre-series and lasting into the present canon--it’s up to you, I know I’ll love it.


I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS SHIP BUT WHEN VASQUEZ EMPTIED HIS GUN INTO THE MAN WHO SHOOT JOSHUA I DIED A LITTLE. Their relationship developed so nicely over the film, with both of them teasing each other, sometimes meanly and sometimes for fun, and then getting along and realizing how much alike they are. I loved the moment when Joshua asks what guero means and asking if it means handsome, and how Vasquez doesn’t bother arguing with him, it was so cute.

I would like:

+ I’d love an AU where they both survive, and maybe go off with Sam and Red Harvest at the end to fight another day, or leave together on their own to travel. Or meet up later some time down the line, older and not terribly wiser, but reconnecting, or act upon mutual attraction.

+ Or something set during the course of the movie where they fool around while pretending they don’t care for one another. I’d love for both of them to be attracted to each other but not sure how to approach it with all the bickering. Maybe it just explodes out of them, or they drunkenly accidently kiss and things go from there. I don’t mind things being unrequited, like Vasquez not acknowledging he truly cares for Joshua until he kills the people who shot him, only for Joshua to die soon after. If you want, I’d really love for Joshua not to die right away and he and Vasquez get a last moment together. I am okay with tragedy for these two, really.

Just a note when writing for this fandom--I don’t really want issue fic or angst surrounding sexualities or racism for this. I’m okay if there’s some mention of say, Goodnight being worried about being outed because of how people would react, or Sam being wary of racism, or the characters not entirely sure of their own sexualities or how to define it--I don’t want an utopia, but I don’t want the whole fic to focus on that, or a coming out story, or a story about racism itself. Those are real life thing I have to worry about in general, so I don’t care if it’s historically inaccurate that way, I just want my ships to get together for this exchange.

Sam Bell/Sam Bell

+ I’d love to read a fic where both Sams survive at the end, maybe an AU where they go to Earth together? Maybe the Sams aren’t genetically engineered to die but are killed off instead, and they save each other in this version. I’d love fic about them adjusting to being clones on earth, and only really having each other, with their “family” having moved on long ago with the original Sam, and just having to cope with that, and living together.

+ I’m also fascinated by how one Sam is technically Sam from three years ago, and the other Sam has been on that ship for three years and already undergone character development that the newly awakened clone Sam has not gone through yet. I love the scene where they fight and Sam is so shocked/surprised at his clone’s aggression and violence because he’s already trained himself out of those feelings--I’d love to see more of that clash between a younger, more immature and brasher clone than the older, more zen one.

+ I’m also interested in both of them just...running the ship together at the same time. I’d really love an AU where for some reason, the older clone doesn’t die and they take care of the ship together for more and more years, growing closer. Maybe they fool around to experiment, or because the Sams are sad and morose over their situation and take comfort with each other and they just don’t really have much except GERTY. I love situations where people are isolated and cut from from regular situations and end up doing weird, messy things, like fucking your clone.

In any case, I was so happy to see this movie in the tag set because I have wanted fic for so looooong, anything you write for these two would be amazing, even if it’s just some PWP about clonecest, or a completely different idea than I mentioned here.


I LOVED this movie. So much. It was so deeply important and resonate with me and just beautiful to watch and the long aching slow burn of Kevin and Chiron that stretched literal decades is exactly my kind of epic love story.

+ In terms of prompts, I really just want MORE of the film. More of their lives together, more about growing old together, more romantic moments and first times and fumbling around and coming together. This movie left me wanting more, even a kiss! If you write a continuation of that ending with them kissing, either right then and there at the end or somewhere down the line, I’d love it so much.

+ I would also love domesticity and seeing how they build their life together and around each other, maybe with Chiron helping raise Kevin’s child. Conflict is good, maybe old baggage coming up regarding the fight in high school, or Chiron having trouble adjusting to this new life with Kevin, maybe both of them having trauma to work through, but I also would just as happy with just fluff for this ship, like Kevin cooking for him and playing music for him, and Chiron finally having something stable and happy and good in his life. I’d love to see them grow old and hang out in central park together, but really I just want more--the movie ended right when their relationship began as something romantic, and I want the rest of it.

+ Alternatively, I really want more of them as kids together. I love slow burn falling in love from a young age, when they don’t really know they’re falling in love yet but the relationship building and work starts there. I’d love a fic with them either as little kids, from the first part of the movie, spending time together, or fic about the messy teenagers they were in the second part of the movie--I wish they had more time together, to fool around or explore their sexaultiy together before it fell apart, and I love Chiron’s anxiety-ridden crush on Kevin, the dreams he has of Kevin fucking girls--I love that awkward time period in their lives, I’d love more of it.

+ If you want, I would be really into an AU where Chiron doesn’t go to juvie, but that awful fight still happens, and they have to work past that. I don’t need romance to bloom in that situation exactly, but just the complicated, messy feelings of Chiron clearly being in love with Kevin, but his anger over the situation, and Kevin’s guilt for his part--I would love something that deals more intensely with the fallout of that in the immediate aftermath.

If you incorporate anything with the beach as a theme, that would be lovely. I love the themes of the beach, the ocean, and Chiron finding some kind of freedom in it, and it’d be really cool if it’s worked into the story.

From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn is my current main fandom, even though the show is effectively over for the most part, I’m still clinging on to this sinking ship because there’s so much potential in the show, there’s so much I love about the show, you could write me anything for my prompts and I’ll be happy and pleased. Though I highly doubt you matched on this since the only two people who offered this fandom was me and a friend of mine, but if you’re interested, I really recommend watching the show on netflix, all three seasons are on there.


This is my OTP, so there’s really not much you can go wrong with this. You could write about them bickering at Big Kahuna and I’ll smile. I love it all for them--angst, fluff, fighting, fucking, case fic (or in this case, bank robbing fic), just as long it’s about them and their bond and Seth’s obsessive need and love for Richie that overrides his rationality and Richie’s own quiet way of loving his brother. I could go on forever thinking of prompts for Seth/Richie but here’s a few things I would really enjoy.

+ I’d love some post s3 fic, about them rebuilding their lives after Amaru is defeated. Do they go back to their compound and continue to work with their people? Does Seth take his stash of money back or does he end up losing it? I know, according to the s3 ending ending, they go back to bank robbing but I feel like Seth is getting too old for that, he can’t keep that up forever--does it fall apart on him? Is Seth starting to get old and get grey hairs when Richie isn’t aging? I’d really prefer a happy ending with the Geckos here, though a melancholy complicated ending would work for me as well, just not a total downer.

+ Post s2 fic set after they agree to run Jackknives as a Gecko Brothers Joint. Whatever happened to Jackknives? I love the idea of the Geckos running a vampire truck stop! I want more of that, combining the mundanity of a truck stop with the weirdness of culebras and bank robbing brothers running and vampire lords overseeing it.

+ I also I want fic that explores their clear cut issues after season 2--Seth had to threatened to burn Richie in the sun to allow him to stay with him! I think it’d still take a while before they’re even back on the same page and given the time skip between s2 and s3, I think there’s a lot left on the table. I want slow burn fic about Seth and Richie getting used to each other again, and the changes in one another, and Seth having to get used to, tolerate and accept the culebra parts of his new life, including Richie.

+ Honestly anything kinking on Richie’s culebraness--I’d love porn with Seth wants to relearn his brother’s body all over again, or gets weirdly fixated on his scales and fangs. One of my favorite parts of season two was Seth getting angry that Richie wouldn’t “fang out” to defend him him from other culebras, or Seth casually and jokingly telling Richie to do his thing~ when he eats someone they have their trunk--I’d love more stuff with Seth wanting to watch Richie attack and hurt and kill others as a culebra for him, specifically, and Seth wanting Richie to kill and eat people he specifically points out. I live for that sort of creepiness and I feel like Seth loves it when Richie’s attention is on him 100%, enough so that it would override his culebra issues.

+ I would really love any kind of fic where Seth turns into a culebra. From an AU where Seth somehow becomes a culebra first, to post s3 fic with Seth not sure if he wants to become a culebra, but not wanting Richie to live forever without him--maybe he’s scared of Richie dying without him or maybe he’s scared of Richie moving on from him--I think Seth would especially hate to be a distant memory to his eternal brother. Seth’s the selfish kind of guy who wouldn’t want his brother to move on be happy. Or maybe Seth gets mortally injured and asks Richie to turn him. I would love angst, but also Seth being on the same level as Richie is, finally.

+ You can’t really go wrong with pre-series. I’d love fic about their early jobs and their early years, or growing up in the wake of Ray’s death and Richie’s need to hide his involvement to Seth, or Eddie raising them after Ray’s death and noticing they’re uncomfortably, unusually close. I love any kind of first time fic (I have my own headcanons for how the incest in Geckocest evolved, but I’d be interested in your interpretation!). I love the “us against the world” dynamic they must have had. I love exploring how twisted and messy they both are, and how separated and removed they are from regular society even from a young age--both because their abuse probably alienated them, but also the way they were just raised to be criminals by Ray and how that runs in the family.

+ I just want to add that I do not ship Kate/Geckos. Oh, well, I do enjoy Kate/Richie at times, but I don’t want that or hints of that in my gift, and I really do not enjoy Seth/Kate. I know Kate went off with the Geckos at the end of season three, but I would prefer it if she isn’t in the fic, or is off with her brother, or ditches the Geckos first chance she gets. If you do wanna include Kate, that’s fine because I do love Kate! I would just rather have Kate in the capacity as Seth and Richie’s new platonic protege who they teach crime to while they sneak around behind her back. Or maybe Kate knowing about the incest and being creeped out about it--I love outside POV fic, and I especially love outside POV of incest, when people either DON’T react well or react with disgust but try to push it aside and compartmentalize.

(Also, I see Richie as the older brother, just for my own headcanons, but the showrunner has said that it’s meant to be ~ambiguous~ who is older and refused to give an answer when asked directly, so it doesn't matter to me which brother you make older in the story, as long as it’s not a significant plot point in the fic, same way it’s not terribly significant in canon)


+ One of the things I loved about s3 was how Richie and Freddie strangely got along--Richie had him on speed dial and Richie seemed to grow attached to him, even though he killed his father. I’d love stuff exploring Freddie’s headspace, having to work for the men who killed his father and how he reconciles himself with that, and maybe him growing strangely used to Richie.

+ I love the part where Richie threatens to turn Dakota into a culebra and Freddie just violently (and well-deservedly) lashes out at him. I would love more fic exploring Freddie’s boiling anger issues at Richie, at Geckos in general--maybe involving some kind of hatesex or fight sex? Or maybe Freddie growing slowly to tolerate Richie to actually like him and his company on some level, despite himself? In particular, I don’t think Richie is sorry for killing Earl at all so I don’t see him apologizing but I would like it if maybe Richie tries to make up for it in some way, or allows Freddie to work out his anger on him.

+ In season 2, Freddie had a dream about Richie. It turned out to be a nightmare, but I would love fic where he consistently has nightmare/dreams about the man who murdered his pseudo-father, especially if those dreams start turning creepily erotic, like dream Richie tries to seduce Freddie, anything like that. I also always liked the idea of dream Richie acting like some kind of spirit guide to Freddie, in a creepy way, so if you wanna explore that concept, I would really enjoy it.


+ I’m not gonna lie, when it comes to threesomes, I’m fairly shallow--I really just want them to bang--the filthier, the better. I love every moment these characters were forced to work together in s3 and they developed such an impressive camaraderie (that part in when they all pull their guns out at the same time!) during that time, that I just want them to accidentally fall into bed once (or more than once), or work out their stress and anger together in bed, or have some more “we may die tomorrow” type of fucking. I felt like Freddie have developed some interesting moral greyness throughout the series and both Geckos have decided they liked him, so I’d also love exploring all the ways Freddie’s changed since S1 and how he fits in with them now.

However, if you wanna write something exploring a long term trio poly relationship here, I would honestly love that? It’s hard for me to see it happen but I love all three of these characters, and I would love any time long term relationship fic for them.

+ I’m interested in Freddie’s deteriorating life after season 2--losing his wife and his kids and then his job and then working for not just the people that killed his mentor, but also for vampires, and how he struggles to hold on to whatever sense of self he has. I can’t imagine that’s a good headspace for him, but I can see how he’d may do self destructive things like have random, self loathing, somewhat creepy sexual encounters with both Gecko brothers. If you wanna approach it from that angle, be my guest, I would be so into it.

I don’t like infidelity so I prefer any Freddie/Geckos fic to be set before he gets together with Ximena, or after Margaret leaves him.


The Carlos/Freddie dynamic of s1 was one of my favorite things of that season and I was always sad it didn’t return in further seasons. I loved every time they interacted, I loved Freddie saying “I’m starting to develop a taste for blood” to him,and Carlos’ insistence that he ~sharpened~ Freddie. I love the rough, sparky, violent dynamic they have, but feel free to take it other directions. Hatesex is totally fine, though I’d prefer it after Freddie is split from Margaret.

+ Please expand more on Carlos doing bodyshots off Freddie. Just. Wow that was amazing, can we get more of that? Though I don’t want anything noncon or outright rape, but dubcon is fine with these two--like Freddie being turned on but not wanting to admit--it’s a dark ship. I’d love more of Carlos feeding on him, or trying to get Freddie to admit he’s attracted to him while Freddie denies it and attacks him. Alternatively, I loved Freddie pinning Carlos down with swords to interrogate him--maybe Carlos tries to flirt his way out of or seduce Freddie while he’s pinned down? Go for it.

+ I always wanted an AU where Carlos didn’t get stuck in the labyrinth for several months and starts sort of stalking Freddie to his home. Carlos doing stalkerish things like finding him at his job or introducing himself to Margaret or leaving ~gifts~on his doorstep (could be real legit gifts for him, or could be dead bodies of his enemies), and basically freaking Freddie out even further. I am down for all kinds of creepy shit, just no actual death fic.

+ I’d also like a fic where exploring Carlos’ feelings for Freddie, his interactions with him in season one and how he doesn’t seem to want to kill him--he had so many opportunities for it. Does he have a crush on Freddie? Does he admire his convictions? Does he see potential in him the way he did with Scott? I really love the line where he says “steel sharpens steel” regarding Freddie leveling up to fight him in season one, and then the season. I’d love more bits where Carlos tells Freddie he shaped him into who he is now, especially in season 2 or 3, and Freddie doesn’t want to hear it,or maybe he’s more open to it now after several years and losing a wife and a girlfriend? I’d love porn especially if it’s angry sex or hatesex.


I love this twisted dynamic. I wish there was more of it throughout season two but I love how genuine Carlos seems in picking Scott and separating him from his family, the way he sees his potential when he touches him in Self Contained, the line about how Scott is “better” than his family and better off without them. It’s twisted and manipulative, and ultimately, I think Carlos has been terrible to and for Scott and he’s better off without him, but I still wish we had more time with these two. Essentially, I love people who value Scott and his skills, and that weirdly turned out to be Carlos of all people for a while. I also love baby vampires and “I love/hate and maybe need you vampire dad” tropes.

+ I wish we got more time with Carlos mentoring Scott about being a vampire. I’d love an AU when they both make it out of the twister in season one on their own, and Carlos has more time to teach Scott (and shape him how he wants), or something set after Scott returns to Carlos in s2, or or maybe Scott staying with Carlos and helping him out throughout season two instead. Creepy vampire lessons, showing Scott how to use his new powers, telling him it’s okay to eat his bully classmates, teaching Scott how to feed, Scott feeling conflicted and not wanting to hurt people that don’t deserve it, but also wanting to please Carlos and get his approval? I’m all over it.

+ I think an AU where the Geckos don’t kidnap the Fullers, but Scott ends up gravitating towards Carlos anyway, would be super interesting. Either as a teenager or when he’s a little older? It’d be interesting to see Scott ask Carlos to turn him in some alternate universe, where he ends up in the Twister any way without being kidnapped.

+ I’d love stuff from the time period where Kate has joined Team Bad Guys (aka team Scott and Carlos). That time is very short on the show, so feel free to extend it and expand on it--maybe it’s weeks instead of a couple of days? I want to read about Carlos jealous of Kate and the love Scott has for her (maybe that’s why he kills her), and trying to steal Scott away from Kate’s influence. I like that war/battle for Scott’s soul and humanity going on with Scott, torn between two adopted families.

+ Underage is generally something I’m uncomfortable with but I’m okay it with it for this ship, mainly because Scott is a vampire and rips people apart without Carlos even being there, and because I just...don’t expect better from Carlos. I don’t want rape still, but I think the situation lends itself to really dub-con types of settings, messy situations with Carlos taking advantage of Scott’s age, dependence, alienation, and naivety, with Scott trying to gain approval from Carlos and feeling like Carlos may be the only person he really has, and Carlos’ loose or lack of morals. Or you could write Carlos refusing to touch Scott that way while Scott has a fucked up crush on him and wants to please his vampire dad whatever way he can--I can see that really well as well.

That’s it! I hope that’s not too overwhelming. I trust you’re mainly focusing on the section that you matched one but I encourage to try to seek out some of my other canons, if you think you could be into them, just because...I want to share these canons with other people :D Thank you SO MUCH for writing for me, I wish you the best of luck but I’m sure you’ll write something cool because I’m just really excited that I’m gonna get one of my rarepairs as a fic!